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Participant Quotes:
"The NASA Challenger Center field trip is the highlight of the year for the sixth grade students at Crafton Elementary. One child said he had been waiting since kindergarten to go on this unique ride into space."

-Mrs.Clare Rex (Pennsylvania Science Teacher of the Year).

Our Center

On-Site Missions:
The Dream of Space Travel Comes Alive Children with flight director working togeather.
Many children dream of exploring Space. The Challenger Learning Center brings that dream to life. When classes of students visit a Challenger Learning Center, they climb aboard a space station, conduct scientific experiments, and work together to solve problems.

During CLC missions, students return to the moon, voyage to mars, or rendezvous with a comet. Students in Mission Control direct the critical activities of the students on board the space station-navigating, maintaining life support systems, communicating, or conducting research. The students experience the critical thinking, leadership, cooperation, and problem solving challenges necessary for mission success.


The Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University has developed an innovative program for digital learning which links providers within a national network to classrooms around the world. This program, dubbed the “e-Missions”, provides teachers with an all-inclusive package comprised of teacher professional development, curriculum aligned with state and national standards, a live “mission” via technology, and an embedded assessment. This program was designed around best practice modles and principles derived from the latest educational research. For more information about our distance learning programs, please visit our e-Mission website at

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