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Veterans for Ron Paul 2012

For veterans day I lent my skills to the Veterans for Ron Paul group and did some probono graphics for them. They needed vector logos for things such as t-shirts and stickers. After a couple drafts I was able to give them a design they were pleased with.



Here are some of the other draft image ideas that I had presented.

If you would like to use these images for your t-shirt, sticker, hoodies, etc, download the zipped package of all high resoulution images! If you want to use these images on your web site or publication please mention where they came from.

Speed cooking for 100

So recently I donated some time and food to a local soup kitchen. I had to have all of my food ready to serve before I got there. The kicker was that I only had a half hour to stop at home and prepare the food after work. Good thing I have had some experience in big kitchens and had all my ingredients at the ready. I felt like an action hero preparing such amounts of food in my tiny kitchen in less than a half hour. Did I mention I snapped a couple of photos through out the whole process too? Yep, and made an illustrated recipe guide as well.

Attack of the Frownies

For the holiday season a co-worker (Steven Burnett) and I have gotten together to create a promotional game for the children's charity "Child's Play" the first place we hosted the game on was for those of you who are interested in the game you can play the game in my games section. and don't forget to support Child's Play!

Ohio Valley Recovery Inc.


I have started a charity job for Ohio Valley Recovery Inc. today. OVRI helps people in the Ohio Valley with recovery and staying off of drugs, by providing support and a place for groups to meet up. You can check out the beginnings of the site HERE.

I have finally completed my charity project for Ohio Valley Recovery Inc. This project means a lot to me as there is a large amount of addicts in my home town who need places like this to help them through it.

OVRI is no longer up an organization, which is bad news as the problems of addiction certainly have not left the Ohio Valley. Anyways, here is an archived link to the old site...
Old OVRI site