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Famous Artists in Modern America: Raphael


Raffello Sanzio da Urbino

I thought I would start this blog series with one of my favorite Renaissance artists, Raphael. Raphael was highly talented, well connected, dabbled in and excelled at any craft he undertook, and had a reputation for being a master of many styles.

Though he didn't grow up completely rich and spoiled the kid did get a Camaro for his 16th birthday. Raph (Raphael) didn't think anything of his upper-middle class position in life, to him the beauty and joy of life and experiencing new things was more important. He was a delinquent in school but excelled at any class he took interest in. Often he would get in trouble for getting girls to play hooky from school with him.

Raph worked as a Director of Architecture in his dad's (Giovanni) firm. Giovanni Architecture is a high end architect firm with a niche market that includes some of the most prominent businesses in New York City. Though his dad wanted Raph to take more interest in the company and move into Business Management position, Raph enjoyed his life of art and adventure too much. A management job might have put an end to his party life.

Did I mention Raph was a partier? Let's just say he was no stranger to glow sticks and loud dub-step music. Though he was more of a fan of classical jazz and real music, he would often be found where ever the loose young girls were. His therapist blamed it on the early death of his mother. Raph always claimed it was his sheer lust for life and love.

Raph lived in a huge studio apartment in Brooklyn where he would often have extravagant art parties with some of the best food and musicians around. On occasion, when he would grow tired of the enormity of his life, he would pay visit to his friend and fellow artist, Leo. Leo was a little older and a hard worker who often thought Raph squandered his time and skill, but admired Raph's life perspective. The two inspired each other, though many of their friends said Raph often copied Leo's style.

During an annual company dinner a friend of Giovanni introduced Raph to his daughter, Maria. Though she was pretty and well placed, Raph was hesitant. Settling down was not his style and he could tell this girl had every intention to tame him, though she never did. They had an on and mostly off relationship for six year, for most of which Raph was seeing several girls on the side, especially Luti. Luti worked at the local bakery that her dad owned. Social pressures always prevented Raph's and Luti's relationship from becoming more substantial, after all, he was expected to marry Maria.

After a wild weekend with Luti in the Florida Keys, Raph returned home not feeling well. He went to the doctor who diagnosed him as being dehydrated and malnourished. Raph joked that "it was a rough weekend in bed", but what he and the doctor didn't realize, is that he actually caught a rare bacterial infection. Any treatment the doctor gave didn't seem to help as his condition continued to worsen. He passed away at the young age of 37, though not without leaving a massive catalog of some of the best artwork of the century. He had a grand funeral that was said to close down 10 city block in his hometown of Brooklyn.

Arts Shows and Photography

Me and my friends at the dish art party

This has been a great month so far. I have been busy with, not only work but, painting, photography, pottery, and many other things. But, by far the best thing to happen this month is, for the entire month, my art has been on display in the entire bar room of the Dish resturant in the Plaza-Midwood area of Charlotte. That photo there is during the art party reception.

I had recently came up with the funds to buy a DSL camera. I have been wanting one for years and it was getting more difficult and expensive to continue using my manual film camera. On the recommendation of my friend Luke McKaye I purchased a Cannon T3i and so far I love it! Even though I have been busy, I have been making time to go out and take some pictures. On that note, there is also some new digital art, and illustrations on my art page, so check it out!

The Dark Lord Rises

The Dark Lord of Bojangles

So I have been dabbling with my Wacom Intuis Pro and must say that it is quite awesome. It is nice to have such a large drawing surface and such a fine digital pen. With applications on Windows like Manga Studio and Photoshop there is even some gesture control on the pen. This all works great on my Windows 7 laptop, however, I run Linux on my main tower. Luckily I have found some good pen tool software!

The Linux application My Paint has let me have full pen control. That being said, none of the gesture controls work. None of the the programmable buttons work. In fact, it's pretty much just a nice big drawing tablet on a Linux system. But I'm fine with that and have started sketching with my new tool. Most of my sketches are not worth showing. However, one day, my friends and I thought up a funny character, "The Dark Lord of Bojangles". It is this character I decided to draw that is worth showing.

Geishas and Watercolor

Recently I had gotten the urge to do some watercoloring. However, much to my woe, the wonderful set of colors and brush I once had were lost to the abyss. I mumbled to my self about needing to be more organized and went to bed, as it was well past midnight and well past the hour I could hope to get some decent tools. The next day I made my way to Cheap Joe's Art Stuff to get the proper tools to continue my mission. I ended buy a set of Yarka Watercolors and they are splendid.

Enough about that business. I present the first three things I did with my watercolors, Geishas!

More Vector Cartoon People

So I have been doing a good bit more work in the area of design and animation lately, even picking up on 3D model building (soon to come). A while ago I had to draw up some vectorized cartoony people. Well the scope of that project changed and sadly they have been put aside and replaced by non-human avatars. Not all is lost though, for now I shall show them to you!

AK Donovan Sole Brutha ~ Time Lapse

Here I present the semi-abstract drawing of Akira the Don!

See more art type stuff in the art section.

Disengaged Reality ~ Time Lapse

My latest time-lapse art piece, hope your like it!

See more art type stuff in the art section.

Charlotte, Photography, and Penguins


So as mentioned previously I have moved to Charlotte NC, and in case I haven't mentioned before I started my own company called Cyber Monkey Development, but more on that later. Right before I moved to Charlotte a nice lady in my pottery lab, named Ginger, gave me an old Pentex ME Super manual camera. Now that I finally have a manual camera again I can take real pictures, capture real light, not that digital rubbish fake light.

Honestly, I have yet to get real film and take it out for some shooting. However I have been practicing and finding spots I want to shoot. Here are some pictures I have taken with my digital camera, around the city of Charlotte.

I do plan on returning to where my best shots where taken with my digital camera and capture real light with my manual. Anyways, I need a lot of practice. I am still a novice when it comes to photography, though I do know the ropes.

On a completely unrelated note. I have had a couple days where I haven't been swamped with work, so I did something I haven't done in quite some time. I played a video game! Seems like over the years I have made more games then I have played. Anyways, the game that has stolen hours of my time and replaced them with enjoyment is called Freedroid RPG, and it is awesome! It is also completely free.

Freedroid RPG is developed on Linux environments but has a version for Windows systems too. It reminds me of a more live action Chrono Trigger. Your character is the Linux penguin "Tux" and you get all kinds of crazy abilities to control robots, which comes in handy, for in this world robots went crazy and started killing everyone. It's up to you to help defeat the robots! Anyways if you have some time to kill download this game and check it out.

Poked in the Face ~ Time Lapse


I had actually finished the painting a couple months back, (April I think) however as it often goes, larger priorities arrose. Now after much delay I give you "Poked In The Face", a nice quick painting I did that has to do the aubserdity over anger, err, eh something along those lines. Enjoy.


I have lost close friend and lover recently. It astounding how much you realise you care for some one when you can never tell them that again. The best way I was able to cope with this experiance was to honor her memory with art.

I will put up the picture after i have it profesionally scanned. View the finished version on my Illustration page.

Lighten Up ~ Time Lapse

So for the first time I decided to try my hand at a time lapse video of me making some art. Hope you enjoy :)

Howl's Moving Castle


Howl's Moving Castle from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

WOW! Quite impresive this guy. I remeber my days of college, being forced to construct various modles using 100lb paper and an exacto knife. I really didn't enjoy it that much as I prefer Photoshop (F-Fireworks) to an exacto blade anyday and mistakes on a computer are far easier to fixed then say, chopping the head of a paper modle and trying to seemlessly afix a new one on. Anyways this guy does some awesome things with paper.

Kirupa Art Contest, 2nd!


Ok, well I didn't get 1st, but I did manage to get entered in the draw yourself competition and win 2nd! I was pretty happy to be recognized for having some small degree of artistic skill and the $100 prize is nice too!

One point of hilarity I would like to point out is that all though I got 2nd place I actually the the 3rd highest amount of votes. That is to say that I was beaten by "None (Just show me the results!)", LOL++! So I am 2nd place but beat by none, wow, that statement could be open to a whole set of interpretations.
btw, the picture winning drawing, along with a bunch more of my art stuffs should be making it to the site soon!