My name is Donovan, this is my website. Here I share interesting things I have made or discovered on a wide range of topics, such as; web development, fine art, computer and 3D graphics, cameras and photography, web gaming, and much more.

Being a fan of Linux and Open Source software, I try to give back in my own way by sharing the sorce code of some of my experiments in programming and development. From time to time I'll even make a tutorial for graphics or 3D modeling.

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picture of Donovan HubbarSince the day I could hold a crayon I have been drawing. I have always been interested in the complex and beautiful. Through most of my schooling I focused in art, however after getting my first computer I became deeply interested in how it all worked. I worked for a while doing simple web pages and Flash banners until I graduated college and started contracting with several different companies and government organizations. Through the journey in my career the desire to always know how things work and to refine my artistic skill never faded.

I try to stay healthy and take care of my body. I have been a vegan since 2007, exercise frequently, and am practiced in kung-fu. That being said, I do appreciate a good scotch and cigar on the weekend. I also have a wanderlust for nature, enjoy backpacking for long periods, camping, and white water rafting.

After joining the "Linux Revolution" and becoming more involved with Open Source technology my focus on computers expanded to setting up servers, handling network connections, and building custom computers, mostly with LAMP environments but also WMS and IIS. Though my primary focus is in front-end development, graphics, and animation.

Recently I have been spending a lot of time; exploring the new features of HTML 5, making pottery, building 3D objects using Blender 3D, working with vector graphics for web browsers, water coloring, and other various things.

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