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CSS/JS 3D Cube

I have been experimenting with 3D CSS based cubes and recently began writing a JS constructor for making such objects. The cube below reacts to simple click and drag for rotation. Give it a try. I will be adding the JS, CSS, and examples to my development page soon.

Check out these examples.

Bouncing cubes
Cube as a menu

Controling the Google Map Iframe


Though Google supplies a nice API for interfacing with it's Google Maps widget I thought it mostly unnecessary for the purpose of dynamically displaying address across the world. So instead of incorporating the API I reverse engineered the standard Google Maps iframe.

If we go to google maps and get an iframe to embed an address, it will come with a lot of parameters you may not need. Here is as example, using the same address fo a google map, before and after the unnecessary things were removed. Pay special attention to the src attribute of the iframes. Also notice that I removed sizing attributes and added a class to better control the style of the map.

Now for the real code. I have created this PHP script that will build a Google Maps iframe given a proper country, territory (state), city, and address. The code below built the after code in example one.

Bash ~ indexOf

I recently made an application using pure Bash shell code and I must say, Bash is quite a powerful shell language. You can really do a lot with it. It does get a little bit tricky when dealing with arrays, like you have to make your own index search method, or you can use my indexOf method!

Dynamic Draggable Divs

Since I often need to create dynamic javascript created divs, I decided to make a class that is easily adapatable. While I was at it I decided to add some simple features like mouse dragging and easy data editing. Things are still in the works with this one, however use the text area below to generate a floating div with content. Then take your mouse and drag it around a bit.

There are still some bugs to work out for Internet Explorer. When I get a semi-stable version I'll try and post up some source code and examples.


HTML5 Canvas Drawing


It's an Indian, it's a wolf? It was made with my latest Javascript class. I have been doing more experiments with the HTML5 canvas object. This time I have made a pretty fun drawing class. It's very basic and only offers the ability to change color, size, and brush. However a start it is!

There is still much tweeking needed to make drawing smooth. Look for updates like an actual outline as to your brush area and better brush spread. Right now drawing is based off of the mouseMove javascript event. I plan on changing this to a rapid setInterval event that should allow for a nicer flow of the brush head.

This does not work in IE 8 or lower, so you might want to try it in Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

Check back later for an example package package, but for you devloper folks the class link is "scripts/HTMLDrawingCanvas.js".

AnimatedImg - Javascript Class

Some time ago I had an urge to create an animated set of .png images. Well, in the fun of experimentation I went a little over board and made a full javascript class that not only animates several different types of image files, but also offers a nice set of play control methods and event listeners!

Ok, lets go over a little of how it works, shall we? First lets create a simple animation of a ball bouncing using. There are only three basics things we need here. One, an array of image files. Two make sure my animatedImg class is included. Three, make a call to the passing in the array, so this;

Makes this;

Animation Type
Notice how ball one appears to be only playing half of the animation while ball two bounces smoothly up and down. The set of images we have passed to our AnimatedImg object is in fact only half a ball bounce. When creating an AnimatedImg you can dictate how it plays from the start. there are 7 types, and they are referenced through a 0 index array. The values are; 0 = "stopped", 1 = "playOnce", 2 = "repeat", 3 = "playBackwardOnce", 4 = "playBackwardRepeat", 5 = "forwardBackwardOnce", 6 = "forwardBackwardRepeat".

Methods and Events
Now for the exciting stuff adding interaction to your AnimatedImg. For this example I dug up an old favorite, Chance the original character from my old Skate-er-Guy game. Click on him and he'll do a hard flip for you. Click on him again and he'll reverse his play direction! Anyways, here is the code used to make the skater interaction.

There is some slight buggyness with mouse based events I'm trying to work out. Currently, the mouse events stand a chance of not registering from what I believe is the click happening as the image is changing frames, thus the AnimatedImg has no clickable area for that brief instance. Anyways this project is about to be moved over to Cyber Monkey open source and hopefully I can get Dan and some of the other monkeys to join in and make it shine.

Well I'm not into super gigantic posts so I'll cut to the chase, if you would like to use this class for a personal project or to just play with feel free to DOWNLOAD THE EXAMPLE PACKAGE. If your going to use this for some corporate business, please e-mail me and let me know.

AS3 to Clipboard to JAVA communication

Java and Flash icons connected conected by circuts.
After having trouble finding a good example of how to pass information between an ActionScript module and JAVA module I came up with the fallowing solution; Instead of using direct communication (which I was having all kinds of problems with) I simply used the clipboard as a median between the two modules.

You will need the fallowing:
1 = something that can compile ActionScript as .exe applications. I'll be using Adobe Flash CS4.
2 = something that can compile .jar applications. I'll be using NetBeans.
3 = YOUR BRAIN! I had to use mine :)

What we will do:
We are going to build a simple AS3 application that sends data to the clipboard and then runs a .bat file. This .bat file executes a .jar file that grabs clipboard data and tries to make a file out of it.

Ok, let's get started. First thing, lets build our flash interface. I'll be naming the flash module AStoBatch. Make two input text boxes, call one _file and the other _content. Make sure _file is set for single line only, otherwise it sends some funk to the clipboard that will confuse our JAVA app later. Make a MovieClip (this will be our button to send the data) and name it _build. Ok, now lets add our functionality, put this in you main class package:

Now we need to export our flash module to an .exe, using Flash CS4 all you need to do is check the box in your Publish Settings and then Publish the project. Why do we have to make it an .exe? Well the AVM will not let .swf files execute/run our important fscommand. This can only be done from .exe for security reasons. Sweet! Let us move on to building our simple .bat file. Now the important thing to know here is, any call from an AS3 module to fscommand must reffer to a relative folder called fscommand. So in the same folder you just published your AS3 app to, make a folder called fscommand. Ok, now make a new text file in our fscommand folder and rename the file to RunJar.bat. For those of you unfamiliar with .bat(batch) files, they are terminal files (command prompt) that execute a series of commands. In our RunJar.bat file drop this line.

java -jar "../dist/BuildFromCBD.jar"

Ok, so all we are saying there is: go back to the root folder, go to the dist folder (will be made later) and execute the BuildFromCBD.jar (will be made later). Now is that time to make our .jar file. Open NetBeans (freeware) or what ever your pleasure for JAVA scripting is. Make a new project called BuildFromCBD. And drop this code in your main project file:

Now compile the .jar and you will have (if using NetBeans) a folder called dist (the one our .bat file points to) and in it will be the BuildFromCBD.jar file. Super sweet! Now I'm not going to explain every piece of code for you, but If you would like, DOWNLOAD THE EXAMPLE PACKAGE and there you will find the proper files all commented for your understanding. So, please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions!

Flash to PHP communication

There have been a lot of people asking me about flash to php communication. Mainly the common get/post methods. Here is an example I threw togeather for someone and figured I might as well share it on here. Below is a working example (kind of boaring I know). Feel free to download the zipped up example to see the guts of what is going on here.

PHP to Flash Example Download

AS3 XML class [dXML]


So, since I do a lot of work with XML, I have made a actionscript3 class that makes it easy to load and transverse XML documents. This AS3 class package contains features of both the XMLList and XMLNode objects. While it is a little heavy, the ease of use greatly makes up for that. I call it dXML which is short for "dynamic XML" and "Donovan's XML". I have been using it for the past couple months and have recently decided it's good enough to share! So, please download and use my class, and please send me comments on how to make it better!

MurderOne Shirt App


So I have finally finished the shirt application for MurderOne Clothing! It turned out pretty well, all and all. There were several last minuet changes making it more interesting, and even though I had to take out some neat tweening effects the overall feel was still intact.

When setting up the pay-pal button, I developed an easy method of passing in multiple extra variables (other than price), using only one button. I will try to get a little example up about my method soon. I have been BUSY, lately look for a lot of updates when the storm calms!
Check out the T-Shirt App at: MurderOne Clothing

Check out the archived application HERE.


WOW!!! I have found a truly awesome site for the modern traveling developer, The idea is actually rather simple, you copy your code to the site and it displays your code in wonderful syntax highlighting. Then if your ever out on the go and can't quite remember how you structured some efficient piece of code, just go to your Snipt account and look it up!

You also have a choice weather the code you add to the site is public or private. In the spirit of open source I lean towards making all my snips public in the spirit of open source! I am already in love with this site, it has a very clean look and is easy to use, and for all of you who have been wishing I would share code more often, well now every time I add to my snipt account I will also post it to my site, wow, that mean I'll be updating my blog A LOT more. Catch ya in the biteArray!

AS3 Preloader Class


Ok, so who is tired of making a preloader for every mid to large size project? Yes it is essential to have something pretty for people to look at while they are waiting for your page or other info to load. But wouldn't it be nice if setting up a preloader was only a couple lines of code? YES!

Soooo, I have made a rather slick preloader class will track anything you tell it to (well so far only The Stage, MovieClips, Loaders, and Sound), just by calling Preloader.trackLoading(your_obj);. All the public functions are static, so they can be access directly by the class name + function name. The super nice part is you can call Preloader.trackLoading(stage); on the your stage and let the preloader do all the work, so anytime you loaded a moive onto your stage the preloader knows and will kick on and do it's thing.

Sound is a little different, I am still trying to capture where in the event phase a sound starts loading, so for now anytime you load a sound via script you would have to tell the preloader to track it manually like, Preloader.trackLoading(ur_sound);.

So, you probably are wondering how simply tracking the data will lead to your own custom pretty loader. There are two stored functions by the preloader class, onLoaded and whileLoading and these are read/write. Well, anyways, if your really interested go ahead and download the class and it's example files.

My First C++ App

I have always wanted to learn a lower level programming language, and for that first time, a non-web based one! C seemed like it would be a good start, but C doesn't have as many cool classes, so C++ seemed like a good alternative. So after a little reading I find that C++ syntax is not much different than AS 3 (or PHP, JS, etc). Sense I'm a hands on learner I set out creating my first C++ app.

After a couple hours I ended up with a simple friendly calculator (hey what did you expect). It is interesting how you control events in C++ as apposed to most web languages, it doesn't seem like there event listeners so you have to be creative with interacting with the user. Anyways, it will probably be some time before I build anything worth while in C++, but it will happen!

Check out my first C++ App, I included the source code in there, you're welcome ;)

XML picture displayer

I am happy to announce I have come up with something truly useful for all of you who want to make a simple image slide show but don't want to do all of the heavy coding. My neat little XML based Flash app allows you to crate a slide show with an unlimited amount of images. Every thing is controlled through a nice little XML document that allows you to control the size of your images, positioning, and even offers a nice set of transition effects!
Though I still consider it in it's beta version, it is fully functional. I haven't had many outsiders test it yet, but hey that's what your for! So download it, try it out, and write me back telling me what you think! I need feedback to make this better.

Easy Effects AS3

Easy Effects is a new class I have created for Action Script 3, witch is aimed at handling transition effects for large scale projects. With the Easy Effects class all you do is name an object and the script will animate it for you! It is also very easy to add or customize effects as you see fit (if you know a little AS3).

I make use of some great classes by Jack Doyle, TweenLight and TweenFilterLight you don't have to use these but the standard set of transitions relies on them heavily, for your convenience I have included these files in the package! Hey why not download the Beta version and tell me what you think. Download EasyEffects example package.