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Happy, Mic Check 121212


In honor of Natinal Sound Check day, I dug up my microphone and layed down a track. I started with the guitar rythem, laid down a lead, drumed on my desk, and shook around a sock full of coins. As a result, we now have the MP3 below. ENJOY!

Oh, and if you would like, you can download all of the seperated tracks!

Grendel Babies


A nice young lady I had meet in my pottery lab is a member of a band by the name of Grendle Babies. I remember first hearing the name and expressing my thoughts on the ineptitude of Grendel and his short comings. In my opinion these three ladies are not inept, nay, they're a great force of music and entertainment. They deliver a truly unique live show with clever banter between songs. I was sort of close with said young lady and offered my (free) services to design a hand out for their show.

First off, I must say designing for bands is simply more enjoyable than designing for government or some of the other clients I have worked for. I had quite a good time designing this as there really was no pressure and I just sat about drinking wine and listening to their music. They seemed to be rather happy with the result of my 2.5 hrs and bottle of wine, they even asked if they could use the logo I sketched up for them as their band logo.

Rambling aside, if you are ever in the DC metro area and you want to take in a truly unique live show check Grendle Babies.
VIDEO! check it.

Grendel Babies play The Birth of a Beheader from David Vollrath on Vimeo.

Prince of the Pavement


In the busy hustle of life I have almost forgotten to share with you (my readers and friends) the joyous news that your Donovan was actually featured on a music CD! Now it's nothing major, just a brief sampling of a guitar riff I came up with while hanging out with friend and multi-talented sound producer Mike Logic of Doom City Audio, but still was something I was very happy to get to be a part of.

Take a listen :)